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Gomunshi is committed to providing top-notch services to clients through our unique dedicated team model. Many professional firms are not able to leverage the talent pool in India – we’re here to partner with you to create global high-performing teams. Thanks to the trust our clients have shown, we have set up 10+ dedicated team in 2 years.

We can’t emphasise enough that our people are our biggest strength. We design all our policies and make our decisions considering the impact it has on our team.

Ankush Jain

Founder & Director

Our values are our identity and they guide our behaviour and decisions. We strongly believe our values help us grow as individual professionals and as an organization.

The three core values we live by everyday are Trust, Quality and People. Each of these values are very important to us and help us provide high-quality services to our clients, and a healthy work environment to our team.

Our Values


Gaining and maintaining trust of our employees and clients is critical to us. Clients decide to work with us and expand their teams because of their faith and trust in our commitment to deliver high-quality work. Employees and their families put a lot of trust in us and we will never let them down.


We pride ourselves on the quality of work and take quality very seriously. All work products are reviewed internally before sharing with clients. We understand clients leverage on our work significantly and high quality standards go a long way in providing exceptional service.


People are our greatest assets, and we conduct business keeping in mind the impact it will have on the lives of our people. Our employee policies are extremely employee friendly and focused on employee well-being.

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